About the Band/Contact/Streaming

About the Band/Contact/Streaming

Don’t know WOOD SHAMPOO? No matter, you do now. Plenty of names to drop but, more importantly ...do you still like to party?

WOOD SHAMPOO'S CRACK, CRACK HEART ATTACK, mastered by Bob Ludwig, is an unabashed, gloriously simplistic and yet many-colored rock & roll tour de force that verges on punk and alternative in a way only NYC bands seem to get. And yeah, the list of cats that jammed on the record will make main member Murph Daniels blush when asked in person but, one thing is clear: the cavalry saluted and for an hour or so rock & roll is alive and well again!

Good times aside, at its core, CRACK, CRACK HEART ATTACK is a collection of pop-routed gems of the guilty pleasure variety that so few seem able write any more. Almost rock for rock’s sake and steeped in a proud tradition of dirty secrets, hedonistic pleasures, coy turns of phrase, tasty guitars, enigmatic vocals & edgy hooks; CRACK, CRACK HEART ATTACK is a tight snapshot of an unblemished rock spirit who could hold it back no longer.

Wood Shampoo have nothing to lose, neither do you. So what's it gonna be, one lump or two?

Wood Shampoo consists of Murph Daniels and Tommy Byrnes (Billy Joel, Joan Jett, Stray Cats) and special guests: Chuck Burgi (Billy Joel) > Eddie Martinez (Run DMC, Robert Palmer, David Lee Roth) > Greg Smith (Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent) > mixers Rich Gibbons (The Howard Stern Show Senior Producer) and Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello).


Definition of wood shampoo: To hit someone over the head with a baseball bat, nightstick, etc.  ie. Those cops gave me a wood shampoo.


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